This latex-free shower cover for wound dressings is the answer to the age-old question of how to keep water away from dressings and medical devices. Shower Shield water barrier provides moisture-resistant coverage for you or your loved one's wound dressings, central lines, stomas, shunts, catheters, colostomies and

By protecting wounds dressings with Shower Shield you reduce the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria. Shower Shield is more convenient and comfortable than other methods of covering the bandaged wounds, and means fewer dressing changes, which makes the patient more comfortable and saves you money as well. Shower Shield comes in multiple sizes to fit varying needs.

Shower Shield...the safe, economical and versatile way to protect your wounds and medical devices.

(Note: Shower Shield should not come in direct contact with a wound. Always have a dressing over the wound when using Shower Shield.)